Education and training is critical, as dissemination and continuation of the knowledge acquired over the years allow for the next generation to gain the ability to become future leaders. Dr. Tiannan Guo from Westlake University and Dr. Justyna Fert-Bober from Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute are unanimously agreed by the HUPO Executive Committee as the Chair and Co-Chair of the Education and Training Committee (ETC). Under the experienced new leadership, the revitalized committee plans to assemble programs which include workshops, courses and tutorials that contribute to the professional growth and scientific awareness of HUPO members. ETC intends to foster collaborations, leverage co-marketing of major events, empower authors and new publishers, and feature quality education by translation of training materials that will be introduced to Chinese readers on WeChat. More importantly, we wish to invite other members to join the committee. Your experience, motivation and enthusiasm will facilitate a robust comeback of the ETC that will instill vigor and vitality to HUPO.