Jing received master degree of Chemistry in Zhejiang University (2013-2016). During her master training, she was engaged in the antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity research of piperazinium- and guanidinium-based ionic liquids. She was awarded the National Scholarship and selected as an Outstanding Student Leader. She has worked in Betta Pharmaceutical before joining Guomics in May 2020.

Representative Publications

1. JingYu#, ShanshanZhang, YitongDai, Xiaoxing Lu, QunfangLei*, WenjunFang*. (2015) Antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity of Piperazinium- and Guanidinium-based ionic liquids, Journal of Hazardous Materials,2016,307:73-81

2. Xiaoxing Lu#, Jing Yu, Jianzhou Wu, Yongsheng Guo*, Hujun Xie*, and Wenjun Fang*. (2015) Novel Guanidinium-Based Ionic Liquids for Highly Efficient SO2 Capture, Journal of Physical Chemistry B,2015,119(25),8054-8062.(co-author)

3. Shanshan Zhang#, Jing Yu, Jianzhou Wu, Wei Tong, QunfangLei*, WenjunFang*. (2014) Micellization Parameters of Six Gemini Quaternary Ammonium Surfactants from Measurements of Conductivity and Surface Tension, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data,2014,59(9):2891-2900.(co-author)