Using proteomics in big data-driven precision medicine for the fight against prostate cancer.

“I got diagnosed with prostate cancer on Friday 13th. As my doctor spoke about Gleason scores, probabilities of survival, incontinence and impotence, why surgery would be good and what kind would make the most sense, his voice literally faded out like every movie or TV show about a guy being told he had cancer…,” said Mike.* “Right after I got the news, I promptly got on my computer and Googled ‘men who had prostate cancer.’ As I learned more about my disease (one of the key learnings is not to Google ‘people who died of prostate cancer’ immediately after being diagnosed with prostate cancer), I was able to wrap my head around the fact that I was incredibly fortunate. Fortunate because my cancer was detected early enough to treat and also because my internist gave me a test he didn’t have to. That test saved my life.” Three months later, after successful treatment, Mike was cancer-free.

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